Business Manager

Duties of Federation Business Manager

1) This may be an appointed position due to the special skills and time required. The appointment may be made outside the existing board, if these skills are not found within the board.  The skills and time requirements are outlined below.

2) To be prepared to attend all meetings of the Saskatchewan Square and Round Dance Federation Inc. and all those meetings pertaining to the business of the Federation.

3)  To process all grant applications received, send them to the SPRA, and adhere to their guidelines.

4) To advise the treasurer, to have the grant requests prepared and available to all those Zones/Associations/Clubs/Callers/Cuers & Instructors, as authorized by the Grants Committee.

5) To advise all Clubs/Zones/Associations/Callers/Cuers & Instructors of procedures and guidelines in regards to grants.

6) He/she shall be considered to be a voting member of the Board and have all rights and privileges of the Board.