GRANT CRITERIA 2020  Click on for printable form

moderndancersApplications must be submitted to the Business Manager prior to April 15th for the next Federation year August 01 – July 31

Membership in the Saskatchewan Square and Round Dance Federation Inc. and the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society is mandatory for all zones, clubs and members of clubs, callers, cuers and instructors in order for them to qualify for a grant.

Beginner Lessons in Round and Square Dancing and Clogging

  1. Any club that has beginners who dance on the same night in the same hall as a regular club dance will be eligible for a maximum grant of $750.00.
  2. If the Beginner Club dances on a separate night, the maximum grant maybe increased to $1,000.00.
  3. Caps maybe reduced depending on the number of applications and funds available.
  4. A reasonable amount of self-help is required.
  5. The Application Form must be complete to qualify.
  6. A minimum of ten lessons must be offered to qualify.
  7. An attendance sheet must be personally signed by each new dancer. This will be kept by the club and made available to the Business Manager if requested.
  8. A list must be submitted with Follow-up Report including new members full name, address, phone number, gender, age category (-24, 25-54, 55+) plus dates of lessons each dancer attended.
    *(There is no membership charge for teen dancers: however they must be registered for membership through their club)
    9.  A Follow-up Report must be completed and submitted with any receipts for expenses, to Business Manager before grant will be paid.

Workshops and/or Special Dances:

  1. Each Zone, Association and/or Club may be eligible for only one grant each Federation year for Workshops/Special Dances.
  2. A Zone or Club is eligible for a maximum grant of $500.00 for an afternoon only or evening only function.
  3. A zone or club is eligible for a maximum grant of $750.00 for a one-day function.
  4. A zone or Club is eligible for a maximum grant of $1,500.00 for a two or three day function.
  5. The host club/zone of the Annual SSRDF Inc. Weekend qualifies for a grant of $1,500.00.
  6. The application must be complete in order to qualify.
  7. A Follow-up report must be submitted within 45 days to the Business Manager including all receipts, expenses, copy of sign-in sheet with names, gender, and age of participants.
  8. Saskatchewan Lotteries must be given credit for funding at all functions.


Individual Caller/Cuer/Instructor:

  1. Each Caller/Cuer/Instructor is eligible to receive a grant each Federation year to attend instructional functions. The maximum cumulative grants per individual will be $1,500.00
  2. Exceptions may be considered should the same individual instruct more than one dance category (squares/rounds/clogging/line) and wish to attend one educational event/workshop for each dance category.
  3. Consideration will be given in the following order:
      a)  Those attending workshops/educational events in     Saskatchewan,
      b)  Those attending workshops/educational events in Manitoba or Alberta
    Those attending workshops/educational events elsewhere in Canada
    Should there be no workshops/educational events located in Canada funding may be considered to allow attendance at an event in U.S.A.
  4. An individual that applies for an accredited CALLERLAB school can receive a grant with a maximum of $2,500.00.
  5. The application form must be complete to qualify.
  6. A Follow-up report must be submitted to the Business Manager within 45 days.

Saskatchewan Lotteries must be given credit for funding in the advertising and at the event when receiving a grant for the function.


Submit all Applications and Follow-up Reports to:

Donna Gruell,                                                  Phone (306)543-8626
SSRDF Business Manager,
163 Church Drive                                        Email:
Regina, SK
S4X 1L8