Application for Grant – Individual

To be submitted to the Business Manager prior to April 15th to cover  
Grant Period August 01 – July 31.  Applicant must be a member of the SSRDF Inc.

Zone ________________       Date ____________________________________

Name of individual applying: ___________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________  City/Town: ______________________________

PC: ___________________Telephone: ________________________

Signature _______________________________________________

Type of Event: ________________________________________ Date of event ______________________

Location of Event _______________________________________________________________________

Please describe the benefits to you and the community you participate in by attending this event. _____________________________________________________________________________________


Estimated Expenses:

Registration                                        $____________________
Travel                                                  $____________________
Accommodation                                $____________________
Other (specify) ________________     $____________________
_____________________________          $____________________
Total estimated expenses             $____________________

Amount of grant request              $ ____________________

Within 45 days of the event, a follow-up report is required. (See Grant Criteria)

Mail to:           Donna Gruell, Business Manager
                         163 Church Drive, Regina, SK  S4X 1L8

OR                   Email: 

Application Formclick for a printable form or to down load

Follow Up Report – Individual – click for a printable form or to down load