Duties of Federation President

1)  To be prepared to attend all meetings of the Saskatchewan Square and Round Dance Federation Inc.

2) To be a member of the Nominating Committee.

3) To actively promote bids/requests from Zones to host the annual Federation Weekend, and to assist Zones/Clubs with information about the Federation Weekend.

4) To answer some correspondence along with the Business Manager in regards to the grant structure, and supply information that S.P.R.A. may require, and to answer any correspondence that may be of an immediate nature.

5)To be prepared to be involved in matters pertaining to Saskatchewan Federation, Canadian Society and S.P.R.A.

6) To be prepared to attend the following meetings if requested:
A)  The CSRDS meetings (usually attended by the National Director)
B)  The semi-annual and annual meetings of S.P.R.A. and any special meetings called by the S.P.R.A.  These meetings of the S.P.R.A. are usually attended by the Business Director and two appointed directors.

7) The president shall be a member Pro-Term of all committees of the Federation.