We are looking forward to a new season of dancing.
It seems that each year goes by faster than the last, so it won’t be long until we are on the floor with dancing fans in Estevan at the 2017 Federation weekend.  We look forward to the events.  With Access TV on hand taping the dancing, our friends will get to experience the fun throughout the winter.
We are still basking in the after glow of Festival 2016.  It was definitely a delight for us, expecially the time spent meeting, working and socializing with such a wonderful group of dancers on the planning committee and all the volunteers who came to help.  We consider all to be good friends.
Do you remember Earl’s challenge to see a sea of green vests?  He wasn’t disappointed!  It was wonderful to behold.
It is great to have many new dancers introduced to clogging, square and round dancing this past year.  Hopefully they will enjoy all of the benefits of dancing for many years to come.

SSRDF Inc. President Couple
Earl and Pat Campbell