President’s Message

2012 D&D photo in AB color cropped SSRDF Inc. President Couple
Dwayne & Donna Barber

          As the dance season begins, it seems there is plenty of time to visit other clubs and before you know it the season is winding down and we haven’t done all the visiting we intended to do.  In 2018/19, we did get to Fiske, Regina, Moose Jaw and Kindersley. It is always a pleasure renewing friendships and meeting new dancers.  
          It is encouraging that several people are taking up the challenge to call, cue and instruct dancing.  For a club to carry on we need our callers, cuers and instructors.  New callers, cuers and instructors often bring in new dancers as well, who may be apprehensive at first but as the confidence builds, they add more energy to the group.
We are grateful for all the volunteers that serve clubs, zones and federation. Without those willing to take on responsibilities we would not be able to function.
We need to remember to recognize Sask. Lotteries at our dances as they provide much of our funding. Please display their Logos at functions.
The 40th Annual Saskatchewan Square and Round Dance Federation 2019 is in Regina, November 1, 2, & 3 – hope we see you there.