Zone Rep Duties

Duties of Federation Zone Representatives

1)  To be prepared to attend all meetings of the Saskatchewan Square and Round Dance Federation Inc. and to report back to their respective Zones/Associations all information pertaining to the Federation.

2)  To advise Clubs, Zones, Associations and individuals of insurance/membership dues
3) To be prepared, if nominated and elected, to accept the duties of the position to which you were elected.

4) To actively promote the Federation whenever attending a square and round dance function and especially at your Zone meetings.

5)To promote Saskatchewan Lotteries as a source of funding for the Saskatchewan Square and Round Dance Federation Inc.

6) To keep our Web Page Reporter advised of any changes within your Zones i.e. new caller, new club, a club folding etc., on an ongoing basis.

7) To be available and to offer their services to their respective Zones/Clubs that are sponsoring the Federation Weekend, and to take an active part.

8)To gather data from all Clubs, Zones, Associations, Callers, Cuers & Instructors for preparation of the yearly directory.

9)To assist Clubs and Club Members in their Zones, in any way possible, toward the promotion and furtherance of square and round dancing.

10  To assist the Zone Secretary in collecting the CSRDS and Federation registration fees from Zones/Clubs/Cuers & Instructors.

11) To advise Federation and Club Secretaries to send requests for “special occasion”
Certificates from the National Director.   Special events include, for example,  Wedding/Club Anniversaries/Length of Membership/Calling.  These start at 25 years and are available in 5 year intervals.

12) To distribute the Federation Directory to Zones/Clubs