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About the Federation


If you are new to dancing, here you will find a type of dance that will match your personality and be good for your physical and mental health. If you are an existing dancer, check out what other zones are doing and join them for their dances. 2023 will hopefully be the year we can get back to normal and enjoy each other’s company.

Eldon & Carolyn Neudorf
President Couple

About the Federation

The Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation Inc. (SSRDF) is a volunteer group formed in 1979 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1980.

Membership includes all the dancers in Square, Round and Clogging clubs in the province.

The Federation objective is to guide and promote Square, Round and Clog dancing as a recreational activity that enhances the health and well-being of people of all ages and walks of life.

The Federation is a member of the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDS) and the Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association (SPRA).

The dance clubs in Saskatchewan are organized in eight regional Zones. Each Zone elects two representative couples that form the Federation Board.

Board Members elect a President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer and elect or appoint a business manager, CSRDS representative, directory editor, membership chairperson, web-site manager and archivist. The Board meets semi-annually and also uses teleconferences to conduct Federation business.

SSRDF Inc. holds an Annual General Meeting and weekend dance each November. One of the Federation member Clubs or Zones host this event on a rotating basis.

Funding of the Federation comes from membership fees, special fund-raising dances and grants from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund.

Federation activities include:                                

  • Providing liability insurance for clubs and all members thru the CSRDS.  
  • Facilitating grants to zones, clubs and individuals thru the SPRA. Grants may be given to provide instruction programs for new dancers, or to host workshops and special dances or attend instructor schools, etc.
  • Providing hearing enhancement equipment to clubs or callers/cuers  
  • Providing access for members to Square and Round Dance instructional videotapes and DVDs.
  • Publishing a “Directory“ that provides information and advertises dance activities throughout the province.
  • Maintains a web site that provides information about activities in Saskatchewan and Canada.
  • Provides recreational opportunities to school children who have difficulty accessing available activities.