Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation Inc.

What is It?

The Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation Inc. (SSRDF) is a volunteer group formed in 1979 & incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1980.
Membership includes all the dancers in Square, Round & Clogging clubs in the province.

The Federation objective is to guide & promote Square, Round & Clog dancing as a recreational activity that enhances the health & well-being of people of all ages and walks of life.

The Federation is a member of the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDS) & the Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association (SPRA).

The dance clubs in Saskatchewan are organized in 8 regional Zones (see map). Each Zone elects 2 representative couples that form the Federation Board.

Board Members elect a President, Vice-president, Secretary & Treasurer and elect or appoint a business manager, CSRDS representative, directory editor, membership chairperson, web-site manager & archivist. The Board meets semi-annually and also uses teleconferences to conduct Federation business.
SSRDF Inc. holds an Annual General Meeting & weekend dance each November. One of the Federation member Clubs or Zones host this event on a rotating basis.

Funding of the Federation comes from membership fees, special fund-raising dances & grants from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund.

Federation activities include:                                

  •  Providing liability insurance for clubs and all members thru the CSRDS.  
  • Facilitating grants to zones, clubs & individuals thru the SPRA. Grants may be given to provide instruction programs for new dancers, or to host workshops & special dances or attend instructor schools, etc.
  • Providing hearing enhancement equipment to clubs or callers/cuers  
  • Providing access for members to Square & Round Dance instructional videotapes & DVDs.
  • Publishing a “Directory“ that provides information & advertises dance activities throughout the province.
  • Maintains a web site that provides information about activities in Saskatchewan and Canada.
  • Provides recreational opportunities to school children who have difficulty accessing available activities.

History of Square Dance in Saskatchewan

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